Boston pharmaceutical group is an Ambitious Egyptian pharmaceutical group consisted of 10 pharmaceutical companies that adopt differentiation strategy to have a distinguished competitive advantages to apply Group’s plans to be in Top 50 companies in Egyptian market in the first 2 years of production, Top 20 in the first 5 years and Top 10 in the first 10 years. Boston has a huge Pharmaceutical portfolio of about 270 products either Human, Cosmetics or veterinary.

What We Are
Pharmaceutical Formulation
Manufacturing Divisions

Quality control laboratories play a vital role in pharmaceutical manufacturing, from the evaluation of raw materials through to the release of the final packaged product. They are pivotal in ensuring the safety and efficacy of products administered to patients. As the complexity and testing requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing increase, With Boston pharmaceuticals these laboratories face growing pressure to improve operational efficiency, better manage and allocate resources, and ensure they deliver real business value. All within a highly regulated operating environment.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) sources and accreditation are very critical for drug quality that's why Boston pharmaceuticals Consider it as the most important factor in the manufacturing process and so we aim to have the best quality in all therapeutic areas either in human or veterinary products.

Pharmacare is an ambitious organization that appears as a powerful preference in the field of veterinarian and human drugs research including Examination and Stability studies by using the latest devices and techniques which are managed by the experts.

Pharmacare is not just a lab, it’s an association that seeks to put new definitions in the world of drugs stability and examination in Egypt and in the Middle East and we as the association has put major points such as high-quality process, credibility results, and satisfaction of our partners as our main priorities.